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A Glenda Lappan Interview

Transcript for Video


The Connected Mathematics curriculum evolved from the NSF-funded Connected Mathematics Project (CMP) and was first published in 1996 and 1997.

In 1997, the Traverse City Area Schools began implementation of CMP1. An important component of the implementation was communicating the philosophy and goals of CMP to teachers, administrators, and parents. Part of the communication plan was a videotaped interview of Glenda Lappan, one of the authors of Connected Mathematics, describing the underpinnings of CMP

At the time of the video, Glenda was a University Distinguished Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Michigan State University and President Elect of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).

Glenda was also serving on the National Board for Research, Priorities and Policy; the Mathematical Sciences Education Board; and the Advisory Board for the National Science Foundation Education and Human Resources.

Having retired from MSU in spring of 2015, Glenda is now a University Distinguished Professor Emeritus.


This 42-minute video provides Glenda’s answers to ten questions related to the development, background, philosophy, and environment around the development of Connected Mathematics.

Although this is a historical piece, the video is still relevant in terms of the development and philosophy of Connected Mathematics. The video provides insight to the dynamic and personal nature of CMP curriculum and the longevity of CMP – before, during and after major mathematics education reform.


This video is made available to offer perspective on the philosophy, background, and development of the Connected Mathematics Project. The video can be used to introduce CMP to various audiences.