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Grade 8 Videos

Growing, Growing, Growing: Exponential Relationships

Investigation 4: Exponential Decay

These videos were filmed in a Grade 8 class in the same school as the Grade 7 and Grade 6 classes. These segments cover 3 days of exploring exponential decay relationships.

Prior to this, students have studied exponential growth relations over three investigations.

Exponential decay relationships are similar except the growth factor is less than one, which means that as the independent variable increases, the dependent variable decreases. Students work with verbal, tabular, graphical, and symbolic representations to develop their understanding of these relationships.


Investigation 5: Patterns with Exponents

In this investigation, students develop rules for operation with exponents.


Say It With Symbols: Making Sense of Symbols

Investigation 1: Equivalent Expressions

The two big algebraic ideas in CMP are patterns of change and equivalence. In this Unit, equivalence moves to the forefront. Students explore different expressions written for the same situation and decide if they are equivalent and if so, what information each represents about the situation.