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CMP Advisory Board Meets to Examine Role of AI in Math Education

On May 23rd and 24th, 2023, the Advisory Board of the CMP Digital CLUE Platform convened to delve deeply into the future of math education, considering the transformative potential of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and learning analytics in math classrooms as well as the potential drawbacks and implications on human to human interaction.

Taren Going Presenting to Advisory Board
Advisory Board Presentation

Our journey of exploration began with envisaging the future of mathematics classrooms, focusing on how AI and machine learning will influence our pedagogical approach by 2030. We also immersed ourselves in the dynamic and interactive CMP Digital CLUE Platform, engaing in activities from both teacher and student perspectives.

Group Thinking at Advisory Board Meeting
CMP Advisory Board Share Out

We collectively reflected on how to AI, machine learning, and learning analytics could potentially advance the platform and improve mathematics education for all learners.. This deep exploration enabled us to uncover a wealth of ideas that will undoubtedly contribute to the evolution of our platform and curriculum. The meeting culminated in a vibrant discussion about communicating these insights to teachers and students, a crucial step in our continuous cycle of teaching and learning.

We're grateful for the rigorous and engaging conversations, the productive brainstorming sessions, and the collective enthusiasm of the Advisory Board.