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Changes CMP2 to CMP3 Grade 6

Overall Changes

CMP 3 has 7 units in 6th grade. The significant changes in 6th grade are moving Shapes and Designs from grade 6 to 7th grade, moving Variables and Patterns from 7th grade to 6th grade and combing the content of How Likely is It? with What Do You Expect? in 7th grade. The Shapes and Design unit is about two-dimensional geometry and is recommended to be the first unit in grade 7. It is providing a foundation for coming units specifically Stretching and Shrinking and Filling and Wrapping. In this unit there is also more focus on mathematical expressions.

Order of Units


Prime Time
Factors and Multiples

Bits and Pieces I
Understanding Fractions, Decimal, and Percents

Shapes and Designs
Two-Dimensional Geometry

Bits and Pieces II
Using Fraction Operations

Covering and Surrounding
Two-Dimensional Measurement

Bits and Pieces III
Computing with Decimals and Percents

How Likely Is It?
Understanding Probability

Data About Us


Prime Time
Factors and Multiples

Comparing Bits and Pieces
Ratios, Rational Numbers, and Equivalence.

Let's Be Rational
Understanding Fraction Operations

Covering and Surrounding
Two-Dimensional Measurement

Decimal Ops
Computing with Decimals and Patterns

Variables and Patterns
Focus on Algebra

Data About Us
Statistics and Data Analysis