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At a Glance

The At a Glance provided for every Problem includes key pieces from the Launch, Explore, and Summarize teacher support which a teacher can use as a quick reference in class. Each At a Glance contains:

  • The Focus Question
  • List of materials needed
  • List of vocabulary terms that need to be addressed before or within the Problem
  • Key suggested questions
  • Homework assignment guide
  • Answers to the Problem


Labsheets are black and white pages for a teacher to photocopy so that students can use them during the Explores. Many labsheets are time savers, repeating something as it is in the corresponding student edition so that students spend less time setting up the presentation of their strategies and more time thinking through their strategies. Other labsheets, are called “Accessibility Labsheets,” although this designation is visible only to the teacher within teacher support. Accessibility labsheets can help provide for individual needs as they can include hints, prompts, partially filled in tables or graphs, and visuals to help students get started on a Problem or ACE exercise.

Teaching Aids

Teaching Aids are pages that a teacher may want to project during a Problem. In CMP2, Teaching Aids were called Transparencies. They include things like text showing different strategies and Check for Reasoning questions for the end of a Summarize. The purpose of Teaching Aids is also to save time. A teacher may also want to occasionally use Teaching Aids as labsheets.