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Teacher Guide

The teacher support that accompanies each Unit of CMP offers help with the same components that are included in a good professional development program. Part of the professional development should be to model how this content might be used. But the content should not be considered a replacement for the professional development necessary to get teachers started or for the district's support of continued collaboration and professional development after the initial implementation phase. For an in-depth look at the content in the teacher support, see Teacher Materials.

Help for planning, teaching, assessing, and reflecting is provided in the Classroom section. This includes detailed suggestions for setting up the classroom environment, enacting the launch, explore and summarize, creating rich classroom discussions, and suggestions for differentiated learning. See Classroom.

In order to achieve the goal of creating a classroom environment that enables students to learn together, it is essential that teachers be given time and opportunities to work with each other. No matter how informative the teacher support materials are, teachers will get more from them if they can plan or reflect with a colleague.

Teacher Support

The Teacher Support provides useful information for teachers and all those who support teachers.

Professional Development Activities

Several Workshops and Conferences are held every year on the campus of Michigan State University.

Getting to Know CMP Workshops

These weeklong summer workshops are designed for teachers, administrators, and leaders who want an in-depth discussion of the mathematics and pedagogy in a specific grade level. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss Implementation and management strategies, differentiated learning and the role of technology are discussed with experienced CMP teachers and authors. For more details see Workshops.

Teacher Leader/Coaches Workshop

In this workshop CMP teacher leaders, coaches, mentors, and administrators will discuss strategies for a successful implementation of CMP. Characteristics of effective CMP classrooms will be examined through classroom videos, student work and other artifacts. Coaching strategies for helping teachers develop students' understanding of key mathematical ideas in CMP will be exemplified. The goal of these activities and discussions is to help participants develop strategies they can use to help teachers in their districts to plan, teach, assess, and reflect on CMP lessons.For more details see Workshops.

Meeting the Needs of Special Populations Workshop

This weeklong summer workshop looks at how to use CMP to meet the needs of all learners. Mathematics development, instruction, and mathematical practices will be looked at from the perspective of teaching through differentiation to meet the needs of each and every child. For more details see Workshops.

CMP Users' Conference

The goal of this conference to provide thought- provoking and insightful conversations around mathematics teaching, learning, and assessing. Strategies to increase student understanding and skills, develop rich classroom discourse, provide differentiated learning, to provide formative assessment, and address challenging mathematical topics are a few of the topics that are addressed. Extensive use of videos and student work are used in many sessions. Participants have the opportunity to share ideas and gather new insights with fellow CMP teachers from other districts, states, and countries. For more details see Workshops.

Videos for Professional Development

Videos of CMP classrooms have been created to provide CMP classroom teachers a vision of how the curriculum might play out in a classroom and to stimulate their curiosity about promising classroom practices that engage students in rich and deep mathematical conversations. The videos can be used during professional development, as part of collaborative planning within a building, or by individual teachers and administrators. 


CMP has been extensively studied and evaluated. The Research section contains articles, dissertations and book chapters that provide summaries of research and evaluation, and general articles of interest to CMP teachers, leaders, administrators and teacher educators. The topics range from research on the effectiveness of the CMP curriculum on student and teacher knowledge as well as wide range of examples of how CMP plays out in classrooms. Some examples are teaching strategies for specific mathematical topics, strategies for differentiated learning, assessment, and equity.