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Student Absences

It is likely that most students will be absent at some time during the school year. Having procedures for bringing those students back into the conversation upon their return is helpful.

  • Designate a specific location for extra lab sheets and a dated set of assignments. You will enable students who have been absent to find out what they missed.
  • If students are seated in teams, each team can be responsible for helping an absent team member catch up upon his or her return to school. You can establish note-taking buddies so students have someone to provide the notes.

It is important to keep in mind that concepts and skills are built over time. Students will have multiple opportunities over the course of a Unit and over the course of the year to develop and demonstrate the understandings of skills and concepts. Therefore, missing one lesson should not significantly affect student understanding.

Teacher Absences

Planning lessons that can be implemented by a guest teacher is challenging. Without some professional development, it is difficult for a guest teacher to implement a Problem as a daily lesson. A few alternative options include:

  • Select a set of ACE questions from a previous Investigation or Unit that will enhance students’ understanding in the current Investigation
  • Discuss the responses to the Mathematical Reflections with the guest teacher during the day prior to your planned absence and assign the writing of the responses to the students
  • Proctor an individual Check Up Quiz or Partner Quiz
  • Assign vocabulary entries
  • Practice test-taking strategies for standardized tests and electronic assessments
  • For test-taking strategies for standardized tests and electronic assessments

If you are fortunate to have professional development opportunities for your middle school mathematics guest teachers or your guest teacher is an experienced CMP teacher, you may be able to leave a lesson design for the Launch, Explore, and Summarize of a Problem.