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Planning an Investigation

The following questions will help you uncover the developmental and learning trajectories in each Investigation. It is also helpful to read the description of the Investigation, the essential understandings of the major goals that are being addressed in the Investigation, the Focus Questions, and the Mathematical Reflections.

  • What part of the main mathematical goal of the Unit is being developed in the Investigation?
  • How does each Problem in the Investigation contribute to the development of the mathematics?
  • What level of sophistication do I expect all my students to achieve in answering the questions in the Investigation?
  • What opportunities exist in the Investigation to extend and connect the students’ learning beyond the basic expectations?
  • What type of student responses will show development in understanding the big ideas of the Unit?
  • What mathematical ideas will need emphasis?
  • What connections can be made among the Problems in this Investigation, to other Investigations in this Unit, and to other Units?
  • How can I prepare for and structure the writing assignment for the Mathematical Reflections to maximize learning?
  • What Application, Connection, Extension (ACE) questions are appropriate for my students to do and when will they best fit?
  • How long should this Investigation take?
  • What can I do to ensure the amount of time spent in class is appropriate for the Problems and the goals of the Investigation?