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Planning to Teach a Problem

  View the Planning Guide


This document provides an extensive list of questions that a CMP teacher can use to guide the planning of and reflecting on a lesson. The first set of questions are focused around different aspects of the lesson, Launch, Explore, and Summarize.

  • The mathematical focus
  • Considerations for the Launch
  • Considerations for the Explore
  • Considerations for the Summarize
  • Vocabulary, materials, notes, processes, or homework
  • Reflections on the Launch and Explore to enhance future planning and teaching
  • Reflections on the Summarize to enhance future planning and teaching

The second set of questions are general questions concerning the Lesson as whole.


This guide provides questions to help a teacher think about the planning of and reflecting on the teaching of a Problem. The questions are meant to be a general guideline. It is not expected that a teacher would answer every question every time he/she plans. Many teachers find that keeping a copy of the Planning Guide near their planning area helps them to focus the preparation of and reflection on the student centered learning in CMP. The Planning Guide acts as a “self coaching” tool.

The Planning Guide can also be helpful for teachers who plan with colleagues, such as in a professional learning community setting.