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Unit Projects

Grade 6

Prime Timeprime time

My Special Number

Students choose a "special number" and use all they have learned in the Unit to describe mathematical properties and real-world applications or occurrences of their number. 

Covering and Surroundingcovering and surrounding

design an aquarium

Students draw a floor plan for an aquarium, make flat patterns to represent miniatures, and submit a written proposal highlighting the features of their aquarium

Decimal OpsDecimal Ops

Ordering from a catalog

Students select items from a catalog and fill out an order form, calculating shipping, tax, and discounts.

Data About Usdata about us

is anyone typical?

Students apply what they have learned in the Unit to gather, organize, analyze, interpret, and display information about the “typical” middle school student.

Grade 7

Shapes and DesignsShapes and Designs

What I know about shapes and designs

Students create representations of what they have learned about various polygons, the relationships of their sides and angles, and where these shapes can be found in their world.

Accentuate the Negativeaccentuate the negative

dealing down

Students apply what they have learned to a game. They then write a report explaining their strategies and their use of mathematics

Stretching and Shrinkingstretching and shrinking

shrinking or enlarging pictures

Students shrink or enlarge a drawing or photograph by hand. They then analyze the relationships among the lengths, areas, and angle measurements of the original and those of the new drawing.

Comparing and ScalingComparing and Scaling

Paper pool

Students look at several simplified pool tables to determine the number of hits a ball will make before it goes into a pocket and the pocket in which it will land. They use their results to make predictions for other tables.

Filling and Wrappingfiling and wrapping

package design contest

Students design packages for table-tennis balls, calculate the costs of their packages, and justify the designs of their packages.

Moving Straight AheadMoving Straight Ahead

Conducting an Experiment

Students collect data about dripping water or rebounding balls and make predictions based on their data.

What Do You Expect?What Do you expect?

the carnival game

Students design carnival games and analyze the probabilities of winning and the expected values. They then write a report explaining why their game should be included in the school carnival.

Grade 8

Growing, Growing, GrowingGrowing, growing, growing


Students use cubes to simulate the radioactive decay of a substance and estimate its half-life. They then create a new situation involving radioactive decay and design and carry out their own simulation.

Butterflies, Pinwheels, and WallpaperButterflies, pinwheels, and wallpaper

Making a wreath and a pinwheel

Students make an origami wreath and transform it into a pinwheel. They investigate and describe the symmetries of their creation at various stages.

Say It With SymbolsSay It With Symbols

Finding the Surface Area of Rod Stacks

Students find the volume and surface area of stacks and rods. They look for patterns and then apply what they have learned about writing algebraic expressions to describe patterns that they observe and verify the equivalence of those expressions.