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The videos are from classrooms using CMP2. The components refer to the CMP2 Units. Correlations to the appropriate CMP3 Unit are included throughout. Each major video segment contains the follow components.


The introduction provides a short description of the video including the Unit, Investigation, and problem(s) that are featured on the video. It also provides a focus for viewing the video.

Discussion Questions

For each video segment, one or more foci will be given together with a small set of questions to guide the viewing and follow-up discussions.

Support Materials

Support materials for each video segment include some of the following:

  • Transcripts of the classroom discourse
  • Discussion Notes
  • Student Work (in class or homework)
  • Additional references, articles, etc

The discussion notes illuminate the important observations, questions, or comments that might occur around the discussion questions. They provide suggestions for additional questions or follow-up activities. They are helpful for organizing professional development activities around the video.