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Comparing Bits and Pieces
Investigation 2 Connecting Ratios and Rates
Problem 2.3 Making Comparisons with Rate Tables


The video is part of a NSF-funded research project, Developing Principles for Mathematics Curriculum Design and Use in the Common Core Era, directed by Dr. Jeffrey Choppin at the University of Rochester, Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development. The project team is studying middle school mathematics teachers’ use of curriculum resources to design instruction that addresses the Common Core State Standards Mathematics (CCSSM). The research will produce principles to inform the design of curriculum materials, especially teacher resources. 

One of the CMP3 teachers in the study, Jennifer Kruger, agreed to share a video of an interview of her on how she plans for a lesson. Jennifer has taught CMP for ten years including CMP1, 2 and 3. In the video, Jennifer is planning a lesson from Comparing Bits and Pieces. This unit has significant changes from the prior unit (Bits and Pieces I) it was based on. A new focus on ratio and rates is new to the unit and to Jennifer.

We are deeply indebted to Jennifer for sharing her video on our website. Her insights into the curriculum, mathematics, and pedagogy are very thoughtful and insightful. We would also like to thank Jeffery Choppin for calling our attention to the video


The video is of an interview of Jennifer discussing her planning process to teach Problem 2.3: Making Comparisons With Rate Tables from Investigation 2 of Comparing Bits and Pieces. The video is broken down into several chapters that cover Jennifer’s general strategies for planning and then more specific ideas for planning for the Launch, Explore, and Summary. The video ends with her reflections on the planning process, the curriculum, and student learning.


The purpose of the video is to provide CMP3 teachers and leaders with an example of how one teacher plans a lesson, and in particular, attends to the important issues in planning. The video contains valuable insights and suggestions that can inform teachers’ planning process and enhance the opportunities for student learning.