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Butterflies, Pinwheels and Wallpaper

  Name change from "Kaleidoscopes, Hubcaps and Mirrors"

Butterflies, Pinwheels and Wallpaper


Symmetry, congruence, similarity, transformations, transformations on coordinate grids, dilations, conditions for establishing congruence and similarity of figures, parallel lines, transversals, angle sums of polygons

Overview of Changes

Changes Name change and problems extensively rearranged

Detailed Description of Changes

The revision and retitling of the CMP2 unit Kaleidoscopes, Hubcaps, and Mirrors responds to teacher reviews of that unit and requirements of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. There is more emphasis on coordinate rules for transformations. In particular, the earlier unit’s emphasis on symmetry, kaleidoscopes, and tessellations has been reduced, the material on coordinate rules for transformations has been moved earlier in the unit, and a new investigation on similarity has been introduced to satisfy CCSSM requirements. The five units in CMP2 have been reduced to four. Investigation 4: Dilations and Similar Figures is a new Investigation.

New Investigation Changes in CMP2 Investigation
Investigation 1 Symmetry and Transformations Investigations 1 and 2 from CMP2 have been combined into Investigation 1. 
Investigation 2 Transformations and Congruence Parts of Investigation 3 from CMP2 have been moved to Investigation 2. The conditions for establishing congruence have been enhanced.
Investigation 3 Transforming Coordinates Investigation 3 is now essentially Investigation 5 from CMP2.  Parallel lines, transversals and angle sums have been added. 
Investigation 4 Dilations and Similar Figures Investigation 4 is a new investigation.