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Function Junction

 Brand New Unit

Function Junction


Domain, range, function properties, arithmetic and geometric sequences, transformation of graphs, completing the square, quadratic formula, polynomial expressions and functions, properties of polynomial expression.

Overview of Change

This is a new unit designed to complete the Algebra 1 strand as described by Common Cores State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM). By completing all eight units in 8th grade, students will have completed the requirements for CCSSM for 8th grade and Algebra 1.

The broad goals are:

Interpret and use formal language and notation associated with the function concept. Recognize and solve problems using special kinds of functions. Recognize and apply connections between algebraic expressions and graphs for functions. Extend and apply operations on algebraic expressions and functions.

New Investigation All New Investigation
Investigation 1 The Families of Functions New. Covers domain, range, function properties
Investigation 2 Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences New. Covers arithmetic and Geometric Sequences
Investigation 3 Transforming Graphs, Equations, and Functions New. Covers transformation of graphs 
Investigation 4 Solving Quadratic Equations New. Covers completing the square, quadratic formula
Investigation 5 Polynomial Expressions, Functions, and Equations New. Polynomial expressions and functions, operations on polynomial expressions