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Growing, Growing, Growing

Growing, Growing, Growing


Exponential Functions, exponential growth, exponential decay, decay factor, growth rates, exponents, rules of exponents, scientific notation

Overview of Changes

Minor Changes Scientific notation and rules for rational exponents have been added.

Description of Changes

The unit has not changed much from CMP2. Scientific notation has been introduced in Investigation 1 and skill with using and interpreting scientific notation are reinforced throughout the unit Note that the CCSS for mathematics require rules of operations for integral exponents. Since CMP3 is also striving to meet the standards for high school Algebra 1, the rules for operations with rational exponents are included.

Problem 1.4 which compares exponential and linear growth patterns has been combined with Problem 1.3

Investigations 2, 3 and 4 remain the same except for minor revisions as suggested by reviews of CMP 2.

Investigation 5 has been reorganized to focus on rules of exponents, first integral and then rational exponents, and equivalent expressions that use exponents. The unit ends with an exploration on the effects of growth rates and y-intercepts on the graphs of exponential functions.

Topics Added:

Scientific Notation, operating with integer & rational exponents.

New Investigation Changes in CMP2 Investigations
Investigation 1 Exponential Growth Investigation 1 is similar to Investigation 1 in CMP2. Problems 1.3 and 1.4 have been combined. 
Investigation 2 Examining Growth Factors Investigation 2 is similar to Investigation 2 in CMP2. 
Investigation 3 Growth Factors and Growth Rates Investigation 3 is similar to Investigation 3 in CMP2.
Investigation 4 Exponential Decay Investigation 4 is similar to Investigation 4 in CMP2.
Investigation 5 Patterns with Exponents Investigation 5 is similar to Investigation 5 in CMP2. Two problems have been added to develop scientific notation and rules for rational exponents.